Design and Construction of Labyrinth Residential Complex – Varna

The concept of the residential complex is inspired by the idea of the Meander – an ancient geometric pattern, constructed from a continuous line, which bends orthogonal in different directions and shapes in a repeated motif. The abstract nature of the ornament creates a specific geometric accent. It symbolizes the laws of nature, its cyclicity and reproduction. The Meander looks equally well both in graphic and plastic (three-dimensional) form. The Meander is an element that has been commonly used throughout the ages – the Roman, the Byzantine, the Classical, the Victorian, the Art Deco. The inspiration of the strong influence of the Meander is connected in a distinctive and remarkable residential complex, subjected to the clarity and purity of geometry. All of the apartments have a favourable orientation. Only 18% of the facade walls are facing north. Any other urban solution would have multiplied the percentage of homes across the north, northeast and northwest exposition.

The Labyrinth Residential Complex is a modern architectural ensemble of six buildings, each with nine floors above ground, united in a rich park area with a well-designed and organized infrastructure. The water park in the middle of the green area corresponds with the initial idea of the unique natural phenomenon – the Meander.


The residential complex is situated on an area of 12,145 sq. m, of which only 20% are built up. The remaining area is intended for planting, children playgrounds and recreation zones with water areas. The Labyrinth Residential Complex consists of 239 apartments, mostly with two or three bedrooms. All of the apartments clean orthogonal functional design, fulfilling the contemporary living requirements in the best possible way.


To achieve better quality of living in the recreation areas, the parking in the complex is located only in the ends of the property area and in the underground parking. There are 334 parking spaces provided, 200 of them – in an underground parking lot.


The contemporary design of the building is achieved by using approachable materials and forms. The façade materials are: Weber render, exterior HPL wall cladding by Fundermax, PVC SYNEGO system by REHAU and steel railings.


SPECIAL PRIZE Building of the year 2018 at Residential complexes of multifamily buildings category.
#LABYRINTH | 9 Academic Andrey Saharov Str., Varna