Hydrostroy AD is a company specializing in the design, implementation and construction of public and residential buildings as well as in the construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of road and public sites throughout the country and abroad.

  • Design, construction and rehabilitation of roads

  • Current and winter maintenance of roads and road features

  • Design and construction of irrigation and drainage sites, water pipelines and sewage systems

  • Design, construction, maintenance and repair of port, airport and railway infrastructures

  • Design and construction of buildings

  • Construction and modernization of children’s and sports playgrounds and facilities

  • Upgrade and landscape activities

  • Design, construction and commissioning of electrical equipment and sites in the field of energy

  • Services with construction and heavy machinery

  • Implementing energy efficiency measures

  • Construction and reconstruction of churches

  • Elimination of illegal sites

  • Strengthening of landslides

  • Production and sale of asphalt mixtures

  • Production and sale of concrete and concrete products

  • Production and sale of road signs

  • Horizontal road marking and vertical signaling

  • Engineering activity

  • Laboratory tests

  • Transport services